Wednesday, June 30, 2010

#OldStuff :: Untitled [[7.21.09]]

take off your shoes, for the place where you stand is holy ground
right here at this altar where i kneel before the pen & paper the very gates of hell are opened up & i am forced to come face to face with my many demons
the skeletons in my closet
the ghosts of my past are here with me as i confess my sins
sins of loving too hard
of giving too much
of forsaking myself for others
i present them to you here on this paper
wet with the tears of great lamentation
stained with the scarlet red of re-opened wounds
this paper reaks with the stench of the sweat of my labor
i write these sins, these tragedies in order to free myself
free myself to live again
free myself to love again
free myself to smile in your face one more time
until the pain becomes too great to bear and i am forced to return to this sanctuary
sacrifice these thoughts in exchange for forgiveness
wipe my tears and dry my eyes so that i can free myself to smile in your face just one more time
i do not write for your enjoyment, entertainment or your amusement
i am not "sharing"
i am confessing
pleading guilty
seeking atonement for the indulgences of my heart i once again kneel at this altar where only God can judge me
& as i lay my crimes of passion before him
i humbly ask
"forgive me father, for my heart has a heart of its own"

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