Wednesday, June 9, 2010

it may seem like idk what i'm doing...

& in all actuality, i don't :( i think my initial thought was to keep this like a diary or a journal or whatever... then people started actin like they would actually read what i had to say... i mean i could have kicked it old school & done a regular pen & paper type journal except for the fact that this summer is proving to be quite nomadic for me; i never know where anything is & i'm constantly living in a state of permanent confusion. but i like it. that's just who i be. i'm too laid back to care about all of wth is going on.
but anywho... about this here bloggy blog... i don't really know what i'm supposed to do lol so like... just write whatever i feel like whenever i feel like??? hmm. yeah ok.
anyways! about the name of this joint! "guerrilla warfare in a concrete jungle"... & i'm developing this as i type but to me it means... everyday life is war. within yourself, amongst other people, spiritual warfare. everyday there's some force or power or whatever you choose to believe in trying to stop you from doing what God, or whoever you choose to believe in, has for you in your life. guerrilla warfare. according to wikipedia [yes, they know EVERYTHING like fa real] the term literally means "little war". everyday is a little war. over little things: making the light before it turns red, staying focused long enough to get work done, not letting other people's slick remarks send you to jail... etc. etc. so you don't have to be in iraq or somalia or deep in the literal jungles planning ambushes & taking over villages or whatever. surviving this life day to day, waking up, getting dressed, pounding the pavement, getting that paper/ that education/ or whatever have you... small victories mean everything. when you realize who you are/ who you can be, all things negative run in fear every time you hop out the bed in the morning first day of school fresh. & that right there is warfare enough.

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