Thursday, June 10, 2010

the evolution of MY poetry

so in the last... month or so maybe, i've been shifting the... purpose of my poetry. i've been sort of coming into my own and realizing that this is indeed a gift no matter how much i try to downplay it or make less of it. i realized that God must be appalled that i would lessen this beautiful life changing talent He gave me. & i think i do that because i fail to recognize that the things i write are not from me personally, but that the words that come from my hand are His penmanship. with all that said the big huge super realization i came to was that because this poetry is a manifestation of God through me, i am compelled to use it both purposefully and intentionally. life and death are in the power of the tongue. in words there are both blessings and curses. but i digress. what i'm struggling to say is, lately i've been watching my work transform from an almost selfish, lovey dovey heartbroken, teenage angst brand of poetry to a... a brand where change is instigated. i'm learning and studying and crafting my writing into work that condemns, work that compels, work that questions. i need my work to make people uncomfortable with the way things are currently. i need my work to make people move and fidget in their chairs. i need my work to break hearts and bring justice. it's time out for all the BS. i was given this gift for a reason. and it would be a slap in God's face for me to do anything but glorify his name and uplift his people with it. i'm not writing so others can "relate" and say oh yeah me too. no. i'm writing to free myself and others, to confess, to shed a blinding light on the things that bring tears to God's eyes.
but yeah... that's just kinda been on me heavy lately...
idk how to end blogs properly... is there like a how to for blogging dummies like me???
well anyways... i read a quote one day that said a poem is never really finished, just abandoned... so i think blogs might be the same way... cuz i mean you, as in me, i, could ramble FOREVER... so yeah... ok but really tho, i'm just gonna leave.

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