Thursday, June 10, 2010

dear little sister

so a friend of mine asked a few of us in diverse verses [baylor's brand spankin new poetry/ spoken word group #shamelessplug] to write something to encourage these high school girls she works with. they need to be reminded who they are. they need to know that they are fearfully and wonderfully made in the image of God. that they are of a royal bloodline. & here was my attempt.

Dear little sister/ I remember when God created you/ I remember peering over his shoulder as he molded this beautiful mahogany earth like clay around Adam’s rib/ his thumbs formed the dip in your back/ his nails etched the pout of your lips/ you were the phenomenal woman before man ever thought to create this meaningless speech that endeavors to describe you and all of your glory/ your beauty can neither be successfully translated into mere phonemes or symbols or grammatically correct utterances/ nor incarcerated by colored ink on processed wood in picture frames/ the strokes of an artist’s wrist can only seek in vain to duplicate God’s immaculate penmanship/ and even the most technologically advanced cinematography is like a simple pat on the back answering when spirit slain intercession is called for/ innovation can’t hold a 400 watt bulb to the natural light that emanates from behind your eyes/ baby girl you hold the world in your hands/ don’t you know that life stops at your will?/ the world does not turn without a quick swipe from your manicured hand/ the renaissance of Harlem was berthed from your mind/ men marvel at the smack of your teeth & in the semi-circular rotation of your eyes, yes they love all that jazz/ the sultry tones of your voice, pure poetry over the backbeat of life, tickles the g-spot of their inner ears/you are the Harlem Renaissance/ you transcend all length of distance & measure/ you are a time travelling globetrotter/ watch, the earth spins on your middle finger as a metaphor for your God-given attitude/ but in these same manicured hands lies the history of a hushed people/ mules of this earth reduced to being seen and not heard/ trailblazers dumbed down to conformity/ lovers reduced to being fighters only… fighting for approval they never needed… fighting for a chance to be loved not knowing that when God commanded love, He already had you in mind/ don’t you know the very heart of God beats through your chest/ the blood of His only son flows warm through your veins/ don’t you know that any man privileged enough to cross over into your threshold will be in Holy Communion with God/ don’t you ever offer your body to any man that isn’t ready to meet your heavenly Father face to face/ baby girl tell him he better come correct/ baptized in holy water because your very womb is the holy of holies/ you are royalty by birth and are thus entitled to behave royally/ baby girl they have desecrated your temple/ sprayed graffiti paint on your endometrial walls/scribbled your number in public bathroom stalls/ whispered your name in the dark corners of forgotten high school halls/ dear little sister/ you are royalty by birth and are thus entitled to behave as such/ so please/ exchange that stripper’s pole for this golden scepter and claim your throne.

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