Saturday, January 8, 2011

tweets from @JazmineBEaPoet. all too true.

  1. *read them from the last one up, don't act like you ain't never twitStalked nobody & had to scroll down to the beginning of the rant/ quote/ conversation#OkGoJazmineBEaPoet A nod and a smile will suffice. Save us both from awkward conformist conversation. Keep on walking. It's cool..
  2. Jazmine WilliamsJazmineBEaPoet Turn around and say "terrible. My mom is sick, I don't know how I'll pay the rent, and my man just left me." And watch them run.
  3. Jazmine WilliamsJazmineBEaPoet They want/expect you to answer with "I'm great, and yourself?" Not due to accuracy. But consistency.
  4. Jazmine WilliamsJazmineBEaPoet Bgklbndf! I hate that "how are you?" Is a universal conversation starter. People don't REALLY care about the answer.
  5. Jazmine WilliamsJazmineBEaPoet "How are you?" -- Eh. If breathing qualifies me as blessed.. then you can consider me that.

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