Thursday, January 6, 2011

random realization #8524

i am not my words. they're just a facade i hide behind. in my mind i'm just a coward. i was reading a blog written by a poet i follow & one of his pieces held this line:

so we sat there. and what i really wanted to say never came to me. 
i became a writer and not a speaker, and i knew it'd come to me...
i'm a coward. i call my writing an outlet but i just use it to say things i can't bring myself to say to actual people. my poems hold the words i wish i would have said; they're the woulda coulda shouldas i come up with as i walk away. i can't find my words face to face so i write.
& i'm sure in the next few days i'll turn this post into another poem to hide behind.
because i'm actually
not a poet.
i'm just a coward.

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