Thursday, January 6, 2011

about that last poem...

the last couple weeks i been thinking about a few things real heavy like.
the first being the different things a few of my close friends are going through.
the second being the role of the rescuer & the comforter.
the third being the fact that, as christians, we are called to be peacemakers.
& all these things contributed to that poem. along with the movie "love jones" lol

1] i got a few friends that are going through/ have gone through a ridiculous load of life both recently & in the last semester period.  of course these things weigh heavy on my mind. daily. i got a love for the homies like no other so as corny as it sounds, their pain is mine. people think they know me in my writing, and to a degree they do but a lot of times i write for my friends. whether i know it or not, my friends are more apart of me than i realize so i sometimes have a tendency to tell their stories as well.

2] from random realization #2094: "sometimes i get so wrapped up in fixing things that i confuse trying to be a good friend with trying to be God. i forget that sometimes the actual rescue isn't my job per say, sometimes i'm just the one that swims out to you & waits with you until the rescue chopper comes. sits & comforts you. distracts you from your current situation if need be. the peacemaker. i can't do much as far as removing you from the predicament you're in but i promise i won't leave you alone. promise i won't leave you to fight on your own."
am i at fault to think that the role of comforter/ peacemaker may be just as important as the rescuer themselves? a while ago i learned to stop asking God to remove obstacles, to take me out of situations just because they weren't favorable to me especially considering i more often than not put myself in said predicament to begin with. as a writer i've become so willing to put myself out there naked because i know from experience that sometimes all it takes is to know that someone else is there with you, to know you're not alone... that can make all the difference in survival. there is rescue. and there is survival. i'd rather be a survivor than a victim any day. 

3] there's a spot in the bible that says blessed are the peacemakers. i've talked about it recently; it just really keeps resonating with me in the situations my friends and i face. i want there to be peace wherever i am, not for any boosting of my own but because of the God in me. it's His peace. and as a comforter, not rescuer, peace is vital. i pray for it daily & always find some of my own in interceding for others. 

mm k. so whatever else i was thinking, i lost it lol so hey
God is Love,
Rev Run :)

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