Wednesday, March 16, 2011

me & pat

so pat & i did this exercise one night #PAUSE. anyheaux lol we did a kinda freestyle poem where we just went in from wherever the other left off via text message & this is what we came up with. it's us alternating & i start off. catch it lol 

me: I loved you in ways you didn't know you deserved

him: I remember how your smile fixed puzzles, putting my heart together was pure practice

me: You had a smile like a nursery rhyme. The warm of my mother’s skin, the seams of my favorite shirt. Between the home in your eyes & the heaven in your heart, I’ve never felt closer to God.

him: The first time I heard your voice my soul exhaled, stripped naked and rested. I felt home.

I was garden of eden naked in the cool of the day. Your love rested on me like warm rays of a God smile, I was well done & unashamed in His eyes.

Unashamed because in your eyes my heart saw its reflection for the first time. And any insecurity was wiped away within a dark brown lens

In your eyes I saw the love my heart deserved all along. A love once blurred by the regret of distance and time. You windshield wiped me back into existence.

I was resurrected into someone just as na├»ve as before. Knowing there was no need in learning lessons that won’t be put into practice. So that I wouldn’t toe this pool but that I would cannon ball into it.

You took me back to before. When love was as easy as folded notes & answer choices. Black & white like yes or no but since then I’ve discovered a thousand or so alternate pronunciations & definitions. There isn’t just one way to spell out this thing we have but I guess synonyms aren’t so bad after all.  

The protagonist to my story, the muse to my life, taking me higher as the inspiration to a destination that I am blind foldedly following the sound of your presence. The song that plays my worries favorite lullabye and my soul’s theme music.

My heart lies in the symphony of your smile. We have a certain frequency about us that reminds me of life’s purpose, reminds me why I’m doing this. While love is action to some, you & I have made our dwelling in His most imperative of commandments. We love with intention only, with reason & legitimacy & an intimacy that can only be described as 2 puzzle pieces finally discovering where they truly fit in. find comfort in my curvature. & malleable martyr that I am, I will mold to your whim. Let’s be gods & earths again, forge a new me around your ribs that will start this world over again & I will gladly be all the love you never knew you needed.

That's why i love you in ways you didn't know you deserved. because it was how He wrote it. and how he wanted me to be blessed.

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  1. beautimous :]
    i love those crafty with the words <3