Wednesday, March 16, 2011

attraversiamo l'un l'altro

so i wrote this over the break & the homie mojo hit me up ironically talkin about she had this floetry type idea. #wordup. so she ever so angelically sung jill scott's 'he loves me' while i spit this here. p.s. ignore the numbers & whatnot, they're just cues to myself lol

[[3:13 total to spit]]

[1:32] I love the way your voice tastes when you are smiling.

Love the way you let your words drip with sweet sincerity-- The fruit of your lips, these subjects & predicates are ripe tonight so what’s in a name?

Bring your lips to mine; say it one more time & I bet I can tell you.

Bring your forearm to the small of my back, arrest my body to your own & remind my ribs what it feels like to be a part of you again.

Kiss me on my neck & remind me how fine I am.

See it’s so easy to forget sometimes. I bet eve wishes adam would have kissed her just one more time to make her aware of how fine, how blessed she was before that serpent came to trick her. See these snakes be tryna trick me all up & down the boulevards, tryna convince me I’m missin something that they think they got
But I keep the taste of your words on the tip of my tongue so when I lick my lips to respond I’m reminded of your smile.

[[2:34—instrumental gets breathy, airy]]

Dab the cool of your breath onto the nape of my neck so when the breeze blows just so, your affirmations of amor resemble tempting tongue & teeth in the spaces where my neck & ears meet. Shadow me like an eager intern. Allow your presence to linger on the brink of annoyance—I know you want my job. & believe me, I want you to have it, see I’m tired of taking care of myself, of carrying myself, of being strong all the time
Allow my lips to memorize the form of yours & fill my lungs with words you haven’t even gotten a chance to say see I don’t even know you yet.

But when I’m tempted by these devils wrapped in snakeskin & latex I feel your warmth behind me. Idk what you look or sound like but I know your warmth.

It’s served as a comforter on many a cold night & I know the taste of your voice—a spoonful of sugar to chase even the most bitter of medicinal liquids. You’ve given me the closest of intimacies untainted by messy lust & undue trust

I know I’m a melancholy poet but baby I ain’t really tryna break your heart this time around. See the music’s just right & this rain against my window got me feelin like maybe God dropped the perfect beat for us tonight on purpose

The only thing confusing about this thing we have here is the tangled mess of limbs, this web we weave of where does mine end & yours begin. I’ve always been a skin baby. & I think I recognize the taste of your voice behind that smile in your eyes so come over here. Attraversiamo l’un l’altro. Let’s cross over each other tonight. Bring me that warmth I recall so fondly from perhaps another life, breathe that brown sugar lullaby onto my collarbone this time & remind me just how fine I am… Before it’s too late.

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