Friday, December 31, 2010

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ever since i could remember, my friends have loved coming to my house.  they would be at the crib for hours on end kickin it with the fam, eatin up the food, usin folk bathrooms, sleepin in beds, eatin porridge & thangs.  and for a long time i didn't bother to understand why.  as i've gotten older though i've realized that my family is lowkey good people.  & i didn't really grasp that until i read what my best friend left in my yearbook our senior year of high school-- she said she always loved comin over because here she knew what a real family felt like... you never really appreciate what you have until someone else appreciates it for you...
my parents have been married for 22 years this year. they kept me and my bros in church for as long as i can remember & i can literally count on one hand the times i've heard them seriously cutthroat argue. i thank God for them but it's another story entirely for others to see the God in your home & be so drawn towards it.
& it's another thing on top of that for friends to claim & love your parents just by virtue of knowing YOU. do you see the GOD in that??? i'm not a preacher but i know there's something in the bible that says somethin to the effect of live your life so that men can see your good works & glorify your father in heaven.... or somethin lol anywho, apparently i've lived my life in a manner that makes people want to be involved with my family also. kinda like how we're supposed to live our lives in a way that makes people want to be involved with the God we serve. hmm.
i want to be like my parents in that i want my apt or wherever i choose to live or whatever space i inhabit to be a place of peace-- a place of rest where people come & lay burdens down.  last sunday my bishop preached on the beatitude that says blessed are the peacemakers yadda yadda yadda. as Christians we're called to be peacemakers & so i consider it a great honor that my friends feel at home when they're in mine and/ or my family's company. when i grow up i want to be like them.  i want people to feel weightless when they're with me only because of the God in me.
i'm not good at writing stuff that's not poetry as you can tell lol so in conclusion... God is Love,
Rev Run

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