Thursday, December 30, 2010

me & codename soule's duet piece

a friend of mine asked me to hop on a piece he had already written & so here's what i came up with #OkGo!

I love him, I love him not
I love him, I love him not
I love him… just too much
At this point there just aren’t enough seed head dandelion wishes for us to keep playing this love game/ we’ve prolonged the inevitable in waiting for the last seed to suicide leap its way headstrong into the wind & all we can do now is hope that it lands in the fertile flesh of hearts younger & more impressionable than either of our of own/ I hate that we’re giving up.../ but I try to keep in mind that if we’re lucky, love is cyclical, see i too have learned a lot from the seasons/ learned that seedtime & harvest rarely ever coincide & the last thing I want is for us to reap the regret & strife we’ve unintentionally sown into each other’s lives/ harvest time calls for a collection of long matured decisions pummeled by the rains & beaten by sun, buried in grounds tilled to perfection until they prove themselves  ready to be submitted to God/ so before we make this sacrifice unworthily, let us cleanse ourselves of all unrighteousness/ before we step into the holy of holies let us first petition to God for the forgiveness of our transgressions one to another—I am sorry I couldn’t be the woman you thought I was/  & I’m sorry I couldn’t love you for you & that through no fault of our own, we built a rickety US out of a lowercase N & a backwards Z/ things just weren’t the way they seemed/ but here we are watching the leaves fall as our love threatens to imitate them & take us out just as easily as we fell into it/ but gravity is not my God/ & I’m a little more aerodynamic than you are so I wave this blood red poem on this little white napkin in the air, part parachute, part surrender/ not to you/ not to the tyrant that is our love/ but to God/ ...I know we fight a lot/ but you can’t fight someone that’s  not willing to go toe to toe with you in the first place; I know I’ve dealt you low blows/ but as your rib, those were just my own futile attempts at self-mutilation-- I never meant to pierce your heart- I just wanted to be as close to you as possible/ so I’m sorry our efforts were misunderstood/ sorry seasons change just as quickly as the weather/ sorry I wasn’t a big enough blip on your Doppler radar for you to chase after me just one last time/ I still love you/ & though there were red flags & warnings all along the way, I can honestly say, I did not see this storm coming

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