Monday, July 5, 2010


ok so anybody that knows me knows that i'm on lauryn hill's balls somethin MAJOR.  & i don't give a ffffffffffff lol like i just really got mad love for that girl slash grown woman, defend her to the death & err'thang lol but on some real ish, she has to be literally one of THEEE greatest artists of all time, dispute me if you want-- she was and still is the realest female to ever do it: she spits AND she sings for one. and not just sings, she #SANGS bro. and she don't just spit, she actually HAS SOMETHING TO SAY. everytime i listen to that girl, i hear something relevant to my life & that's saying something phenomenal seeing as how she ain't put nothing out in a good decade & some change
the miseducation of lauryn hill was the first cd i ever bought with my own money. that's how epic that shiii is and not a day goes by that i regret that purchase. i can still to this day listen to that whole album from start to finish, not skip a track and know dang near every word. this chick is my favorite artist. ever. with one solo album to her name. & that's how you know you bad. who else mastered vocals & lyricism, her words strangle my heart & her voice just straight breaks that heaux-- you can't get no better than that. and she does it all with TRUTH. she ain't BS'in NOTHIN bro... nothing. i mean people say she's crazy, she's bipolar, blah blah blah BS BS BS, & im thinkin wtf does it matter? she spits/sangs truth every time she grabs the mic, idgaf what kinda condition she has. yeah cuz we're all completely sane & ain't never had a issue a day in our lives... 

see that's why i effs wit people like her. and my other auntie erykah badu. and my cousin janelle monae. i kick it wit the weird kids man, #NoShame whatsoever... i been tryna tell yall i been crazy since forever anyways. we had lost it waaay before it was cool homie, you betta #WRECKANIZE!

and oh p.s. the whole reason i felt the need to speak on her in this here post is because i heard tell she talmbout gettin back in the studio. NPR got a interview where she talks about being #excited and whatnot about recording again... i almost peed when i heard that, i ain't even gon front kids. & i will purchase that heaux, no questions asked.

God is Love, Rev Run :)

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