Wednesday, July 14, 2010

i'm a auntie guys!!! :)

ok so basically like sunday which was... june 11, 2010-- my best friend since we was 12 had her beautiful gorgeous baby boy named anthony dre'mond carter & so ever since then i been soooo baby struck or whatever you wanna call it.  i just been real super gushy like with all things concerning life & love & mistakes & blessings &... but i digress.  i'm just sooo in love with my new nephew yall like he's the shiiiii by default ya feel me.  he got nothin but greatness all up & thru him.  he was 7 lbs 2 oz i believe & 19 inches long, not too tall but he got quick lil legs  like his mommy so i know he's gonna be a hurdler just like we were back in the day :)
#sigh... it just makes me see my bestie in a whole other light ya know? like...
they say havin a baby doesn't make you a man but... after 8 years of bestFriendship & 9 months of watching her carry little anthony, i finally saw her as a mother when she held that baby boy. & here i go rambling again but dag! i'm just proud of my best friend & the wonderful mother she is & will continue to be <3

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