Friday, July 2, 2010

late night philosophizing with the homies :)

God knows what you need when you need it. He's so strategic with the people he places in your life... it's ridiculous... I mean I shouldn't be so... amazed because He does stuff like this all the time. But it truly is amazing the seasons He brings you through just to get you to the next checkpoint in life. He brings you through periods of solitude so that you can learn to be alone without being lonely & through it all still trust in Him & Him only. #check. He brings you through periods where the people you call "friends" drain you & leech off of you & mistake your kindness for weakness only to bring you to people who take care of you & appreciate you & with whom you are equally yolked and/or growing in Him. #check.

I just finished having a conversation with two of my closest friends. We talked for hours. And the truths we shared left me feeling so... refreshed! Like I'm literally still sitting here going through all of it in my head & I'm just inserting those gold nugget tidbits into places in my life that were lacking before tonight. I don't even have words for this post, I just knew I needed to scribble something down just so I could have a chance at sleep tonight slash this morning...

We shared a transparency with each other that I can say is truly lacking just... on this planet period. the Realness is gone, the role of being each other's keeper is gone in this world today. In life, we as people go through a lot of so called "friends". So many people slide through our lives who are #disposable-- people who are ACCESSORIES rather than NECESSITIES. People that make you look a little better but the outfit is still just fine without them... wow lol idk if y'all caught that revelation??? Courtney Streat, I love you kid. Really & truly. But I digress lol somewhere along the way we stopped "keeping" each other. See at this point in life anyone that doesn't uplift you is a deadweight liability. All I need is my ride or die keepers and that's it. No offense intended but I need people to look out for me, to keep me in check, to have marathon discussions with me about everything under the sun, to give me the genuine, Godly opinions and truths that I need. And at the same time I need them to allow me to let my hair down, let me laugh, let me act stupid & be goofy & just be myself, uncensored & unbridled. I need relationships that resemble two way streets in that there is a constant exchange between us of love, of give and take, of intellect, of conversation, of thoughts & opinions, of questions & answers.

Ok so I'm rambling lol but I said all this to say two things: we as people, especially black people/ minorities need to go back to keeping each other. We don't love each other anymore and so we don't realize that in fighting each other we're only defeating ourselves. I need intellectual heart to heart dialogue to replace an exchange of bullets & slurs & insult & obscenities. I need truth wrapped in love to replace these lies wrapped in facades, I need us to go back to the day when keeping it real actually meant keeping it real.
And the second reason I wrote this is to reiterate that I truly have found a group of keepers-- genuine necessities in my life that keep me grounded and sane in the midst of this new fakeness epidemic we're so quick to call real. And for these people, I am grateful to God because people like this are not easily found. In fact, I'm convinced that they cannot really be "found", that we must let God place them in our lives in their due season because "even the right thing at the wrong time can by default end up being the wrong thing." Seasons come and go for different reasons and for this one I am truly thankful. So all I can do is bask in this season & glean all that I can so that, should this particular season ever end, I will have nothing but gratitude & thanksgiving towards God for loaning me these priceless gifts. I feel the need to keep the gifts He gives me in the best condition that I can because I never know when they'll be taken from me. And there's nothing more disrespectful than purposely not taking care of somebody else's things. #UhUnh! #RUDE!

#sidnote: this Eric Benet is sooo on it tonight. His voice can most definitely have my children. #thatisall

#shoutout tiiiime!!! I would like to send my utmost hatred to Sam & Courtney for keeping me up this late knowing that they are my muses & that once words are in me, I cannot sleep until they are berthed from me. You heauxs knew such things & then yall did what yall did anyways! So from now on, BOHFUH yall just shut up talkin me so I can friggin go to sleep!

#truth :: I love, yeah I said it! LOVE you guys & I will do all I can to #keep you. As long as yall keep frontin that yall actually like me, that's really all I need :) I would most definitely take a bullet grazing for either of you any day :)


  1. What's up. I found this blog because long story short Damian Dixon is my good friend and you commented his facebook. Basically I just wanted to say I like this post. You talked about how "Realness is gone" and that's the truth so I decided I'll check in on your blog and follow it. God bless and keep up the "Realness" ;)

  2. wow! well congrats, you're my first blog comment :) thank you very much & i'm glad you agree-- feel free to check on it anytime & i'll do the same for you :)