Thursday, August 26, 2010

30 minute poem i wrote for the homie cuz he messed up w/ his girl :(

ok so BACKDROP-- i wrote this literally just now in like... a half hour maybe--  a friend of mine messed up with his girl & wanted to give her something to show that he was sincerely sorry & so that's where i came in so! p.s. it's clearly from a man's  point of view fyi. 
30 minute freestyle-- #POW!

They say love goes both ways but—I’ve never really been good at crossing streets/  I mean I completely understand why chickens be so indecisive when crossing the road cuz there’s a real big difference between giving & reciprocity/ & maybe I’m just a little overwhelmed at this velocity/ with which we careen towards each other/ & sometimes I may slip & treat you just like any other/ but the fact that I’m apologizing hopefully shows that I could never find another lover/ sweeter than you/ & for that reason alone I promise to be sweeter to you/ I’m a man—we make mistakes but I refuse to make excuses/ & no matter what it takes I know that we can make it through this/ cuz all & all the truth is/ I’m done with the games/ & I try to avoid storms but for you, I’d walk through rain if it would mean that I could still claim you as mine/ & so tonight I wanna stop on a dime & repair whatever is broken in you & take responsibility/ because this wedge that I drove between us unintentionally is actually killing me so right now I apologize to you with every ounce of strength in me.

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